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Green Lagoon Triggerfish Resin Tropical Fish Wall Decor

Green Lagoon Triggerfish Resin Tropical Fish Wall Decor

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The Lagoon Triggerfish is also known as Blackbar Trigger and the Hawaiian Humuhumu Tropical Fish. The Lagoon Triggerfish lives in the reefs and sandy areas of coral reefs where it eats just about everything that comes along. When you are diving off Hawaii the Lagoon Triggerfish, aka Humuhumu Fish can be seen in beautiful groups just off the shore. Our Beautiful resin Lagoon Triggerfish wall decor is wonderfully crafted and will enhance your indoor or Covered outdoor decor.

  • Wonderfully crafted in lightweight Resin
  • Beautifully Hand Painted 
  • Metal triangle hanger on back for easy display
  • Available in 8in and 12in sizes
  • Display Indoor and Outdoor under a covered roof
  • Use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear enamel spray on the Metal Hanger for outdoor use.
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