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Blue Tang Adult Resin Tropical Fish Wall Decor

Blue Tang Adult Resin Tropical Fish Wall Decor

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The Blue Tang has 3 color phases, Juvenile in Lemon Yellow, Sub-adult in yellow and partly blue and Adult phase in Blue. They live in shallow coral and rocky reefs from North Carolina to Brazil. They are also found along the Texas, Louisiana coast and in waters of Hawaii and South Pacific. They are active and often occur in groups. Our Resin Adult Blue Tang Tropical Fish Decor colors are blue with a touch of red.

  • Wonderfully crafted in lightweight Resin
  • Beautifully Hand Painted 
  • Metal triangle hanger on back for easy display
  • Available in 8in and 12in sizes
  • Display Indoor and Outdoor under a covered roof
  • Use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear enamel spray on the Metal Hanger for outdoor use.
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