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Metal Mahi Mahi Wall Art

Metal Mahi Mahi Wall Art

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The Hawaiian Mahi-Mahi is commonly known as the Bull dolphin-fish. These are surface-dwelling ray-finned fish that can be found in off-shore Tropical and Sub Tropical waters worldwide. Mahi-Mahi is highly sought for sport fishing and commercial purposes. Sport fishermen seek Mahi-Mahi due to their beauty, size, food quality, and healthy population. Our metal Mahi-Mahi Wall Art is remarkably crafted by Haitian artisans and is a marvelous addition to your outdoor walls.

  • Hand-made by Talented Haitian Artisans
  • Handcrafted from recycled metal drums
  • Expertly Hand Painted with automobile paint
  • Metal triangle hanger for easy display
  • Powder Coated for outdoor display
  • Available in a 28in, and 48in sizes
  • Color and size may vary slightly because the item is hand made
  • To improve product life in an outdoor environment use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Enamel Spray
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