28in Resin Great White Shark 3-D by Caribbean Rays

28in Resin Great White Shark 3-D

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The largest and most powerful predatory Shark.  The Great White Shark can grow to 24ft and weigh as much as 2600lbs. With its strong sense of smell and good night vision, the Great White Shark is considered the best hunter in the ocean. A Great White has 3000 sharp teeth with saw-like edges. The Great White Shark became a movie star with the 1975 movie Jaws. Our amazing 3-D  28in Great White Shark is crafted in Resin and is a marvelous wall decor addition to your covered Patio, Den. Office or Bedroom.

  • Wonderfully crafted in lightweight Resin
  • Beautifully Hand Painted 
  • Metal triangle hanger on back for easy display
  • Available in 28in size
  • Display Indoor and Outdoor under a covered roof
  • Use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear enamel spray-on Metal Hanger for outdoor use.